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Game Guide


You can grow more powerful by earning experience points and obtaining better items by fighting monsters.

You have two modes for controls in Warfare Online: Keyboard Mode and Mouse Mode.

You can attack monsters with melee-attacks and skill-attacks.

Fight Monster Fight Monster

In mouse mode, you just need to left-click a monster, and you will strike the monster with melee weapon until he is defeated.

In keyboad mode, you need to left-click for single melee attack or hold-down the left mouse button for continuous melee attack.

Kartefants and Merkhadians have developed specialized skills to aid them.

Common skills are accessible to anyone while some skills are specialized by class. You can access a skill by pressing its corresponding number, then press or hold-and-release the right mouse button to activate the skill.



You will obtain a wide array of items or gold from monster drops.

You can can pick up the items and place them in your inventories by pressing E or left-clicking on them.



Press C to take some rest.
You will regain HP and MP more quickly.

If an enemy attacks or you make a move, then you will stand up.



Left click using mouse to respawn back in your Save Location (Base).

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