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Game Guide

Game Screen

Game Screen

1. Minimap

Shows your coordinates and the location of the monsters the other players and NPCs within site.

Numpad + or - allow you to zooming the mini map.

2. Buff status pane

Shows SKILL / POT / FAME system of your character.

3. Tips Status Panel

Giving tips for Gameplay.

4. Mini Status Panel

Shows HP / MP / EXP bars and basic stats. (Attack/Extra Attack/Defense/Extra Defense)

5. Quickslots

Register skills you frequently use here. You can access one of them by pressing its corresponding number of your keyboard.

With your skill window open, left-click a skill and drag it over an available number, then release it.

Hotkey X or Z allow you to switch between your first set of quickslots to your second on the fly.

6. Menu Shortcuts

Shows shortcuts to various menus.

7. Chat Panel

Shows what sort of messaging to read(checked) or skip(unchecked).

Inventory Window

Inventory Window

Press I to toggles an inventory window on/off.

1. Click to open your own store.

2. Page of Inventory.

Character Window

Character Window

Press U to toggles a status window on/off.

1. Shows basic information of the characer.

2. Shows the basic stats of the character.

3. Shows the bonus stats derived from the basic stats.

4. Toggles the buff status pane on/off.

5. Shows the rank sorted by the setting value.

6. Toggles the mini status pane on/off.

Party Window

Party Window

Press Y to toggles a party window on/off.

1. Shows a list of party memebers with basic information.

2. Shows detailed information of the selected member.

3. Expels the selected member from the party.
(Only available for the party leader)

4. Assigns the party leader's authority to the selected member.
(Only available for the party leader)

5. Withdraws from the party.

6. Changes the rule of auto-looting or turns it off.
(Only available for the party leader)

7. Toggles the party status pane on/off.

Guild Window

Guild Window

Press G to toggles a guild window on/off.

1. Info of Guild by click "Method"

2. Guild Safe to insert gold in Guild Vault

3. Shows List of Member in Guild

4. Select information in Guild

5. To apply and join Guild (Not a member)

6. To change the Guild Logo (Leader Guild only)

7. To increase the Guild member's slot

Large Map

Large Map

Press M to toggles a large map of the area on/off.

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