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Arena Battle Ground

Almighty Land (Guild War)

Guild vs Guild Saturday to Sunday

Almighty Land is an exclusive battleground that is only accessible during a guild war event. In this particular map, the top guilds showcase their gameplay and strategic maneuvers in order to overpower the opposing guild. The friendly-race settings does not apply in this map therefore even the same race has to eliminate each other out to determine who's the strongest guild.

A special mechanic exists in the Almighty Land, the Anti-Guild Faction. This allows an unaffiliated player to enter and join the guild war. A player that is not in a guild can invite another unaffiliated player in Almighty Land and they will be part of the Anti-Guild Faction. This means that a player from Akkan and Human can party together as long as they are not affiliated in a guild, they can then coordinate their party and fight the premade guilds.

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