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This is the middle ground between Kartefant and Merkhadia. The map is filled with vast grasslands and desert-like terrain. The mighty Edinburgh Castle stands proud and vigilant in the centre region of the map. To the left are the Lost Ruins, Green Wales, Addon Keep and Middle Camp. To the right are Clauzhuz, Wirtz Keep and Roche Camp. Grand Pole valley, a vast sandy valley stands at the center south portion of the map.

The portal to Sainna Island (Kartefant) is located at Vitory while the portal to Misery Island (Merkhadia) is located at Clauzhuz. Kartefants and Merkhadias can each go over to the opposing race's map through these portals. Players cannot trade with opposing race's NPCs.

Players are advised that the beasts on this map are of the highest level throughout the land and they should exercise extreme caution when battling them.

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