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Season 10 : Update #6 (RP view claim from youtube ONLY)

We have a very critical update with regards to the RP (Stream, Refer and Claim) program.
Link: https://www.warfareonline.net/news/104/introducing-referral-points-rp-stream-refer-and-claim

The management's purpose of releasing this program was to give the community an opportunity to claim some valuable rewards.
Our minds were focused towards the benefits of the players, most specially those who streams.

It is unfortunate that some manipulated the number if views in their video to abuse the RP rewards.

We understand that some who made their honest intent in making their videos are frustrated but so are we.
This RP program will no longer accept videos that are made in facebook. The RP reward will still continue however the videos will now have to be uploaded in youtube.
Starting today, we will only credit the views made on videos that are in Youtube ONLY.



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