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9th Year Anniversary Event #3

9th Anniversary #3

We are giving away A TON OF FAME! before the fame wipe on July 28, 2018.

First, take a look at the awesome rewards at stake for the top players.
Season 9 Top Ranked Rewards

Secondly, check if the top ranked players in your class/race are still active or not and check the fame gap.

Third, if you believe in yourself,
If you believe you can OUTWORK them,
If you believe you can OUTPLAY them,
If you believe you can OUTWIT them,
If you believe you are BETTER than them,
Then STEAL THAT NUMBER 1 spot and claim the top reward for yourself!

Zombie Mode Activated

Zombie Mode Activated

200% Fame boost in all maps from July 14 up to July 28, 2018.

A ZOMBIE never sleeps!
Take part of the event and forget about the SUN!
We don't need to go out of the house with this 200% fame boost event.
Prepare your battle snacks and energy drink! we are not going to sleep!
Race with Father Time and get on top of the Ranking before the event runs out.
This is your chance to overcome the Top player in the ranking and become the overall pound for pound KING!

Arena Tower Update

Arena Tower Update

The Arena Towers refresh rate will be updated to 2 hours.


Warfare Management

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