Destruction Unleashed

Daunting experiences are lurking in every corner

The Battle of 2 Races

Choose your path


The valiant race of men from Aldia who have come together to stand for Humans and defend humanity.


The ruthless beasts of Opeiny who have come together to conquer and protect their fellow Akkans.

Merkhadian Class


They call me the wall of defense. I feel no fear, I make no excuses and I set no limits. I give buffs to my fellow comrades when they need it. I’m the best shield the Merkhadian race could ever ask for. They call me, Templar!


I’m powerful in close combats with an array of aerial skills. Give me the slightest chance and I did obliterate my enemies. With a generous versatile area of effect skill. I have dealt colossal damage for centuries. I am the Attacker whose chant abilities increase the Merkhadian’s battle powers!


I carry the heaviest artillery. Devious and stealth define me. Piercing through your flesh at long range attacks. I give no mercy at close combats. I am the Gunner of the Merkhadian’s!


My presence is essential for my Merkhadian’s. As I give life in abundance. To manifest powerful chants and restorations. And even overwhelm all magic resistance. I’m the Life Off, empress of survival.


My physical femininity is mistook as faint. Wait till you feel my potent spells and magical arrays. On my call I can summon the people of my race. A demoniac minion whose loyalty with me remains. I’m the Rune Off, voracious spell caster!


A stealth specter of wrath and retribution. I live in the shadows of my victims. Armed with both short and long range attack skills. I surprise my enemies when they least expect it. I’m the Shadow Off, killer empress of secrecy!

Kartefant Class


I will show you the meaning of a human tank. As I stand in the front line with my men. My body deals damage and I will attack. With one or two weapons using both of my hands. As the Defender, I shall defend my Kartefant’s till I stand!


I have mastered the art of dual wielding. My class is nurtured in weapon handling. For the Kartefant’s, I’m the hero of men. As I shall deal damage again and again. I don’t back down easily as I am the Warrior!


I’m the class behind every brave soul. Who enhances and buffs my allies at war. My overwhelming aura strengthens the Kartefant’s. With offensive and defensive prowess to restore. Rites and sacraments define me, as I am, the Priest!


I have learned the art of ancient healing, and have become a healer for the people of my race. To strengthen the defense and offense of my people, with wisdom and powerful restoration skills. As intermediaries between the mortal world and the distant planes of the gods, I am the Cleric!


With a gift of a keen intellect. I have unwavering discipline as my core. I can deal massive burst damages. A huge area of elemental attack hard to not adore. Bewitching enough, the Kartefant's have named me the Sorcerer!


I’m a magical sinister who weakens my enemies. Immobilizing them with multiple magical casting abilities. I ignite distant enemies and send them running. Through magical weapon enchanting. A Kartefant with my charm, I’m the Enchanter!


They needed a cunning adversary whose mastered surprise attacks. A Kartefant lurking in the shadows and skilled at stealth. I deal massive amount of damage in a single strike. An enemy too close is promised with a fatal death. I, the Assassin was born!


Bow and arrow are my tools for warfare. Used with great focus and clarity of the mind. An art aged 10,000 years or more causing mayhem. I find my target well timed. Draw back, aim and release, I am the Archer of the Kartefant's!

Adventure Awaits

For the ones who are willing to explore a world like no other

Massive War

Massive PvP Wars

Experience PvP at its finest during race wars with hundreds of players online.

Massive War

Raging Monster Hunts

Seek for bosses at adventurous maps solo or in a party to obtain various items.

Massive War

Nerve-racking Guild Wars

Battle against different guilds to obtain rewards and be renowned for the season.

Massive War

Mind-boggling Quests

Complete missions and expeditions for valuable in game items that contribute to character progression.

Let the journey begin!

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