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Season 9 Rewards


Here is the official announcement for the completion of the Season 9 rewards.
As of 8PM GMT+8 Aug. 1, 2018 - we have successfully inserted all of the rewards to each respective winners for Season 9.

Category A All top 1 characters (Human)
Naruto-W KR Sorcerer
RockLee-W KR Defender
Hanzo-W KR Priest
Sasori-W KR Warrior
RobinnFEAR KR Archer
GreenGrass KR Enchanter
Tsunade-W KR Cleric
WA-Gucci88 KR Assassin

Category A All top 1 characters (Akkan)
WA-HarimauBrapi MK Attacker
Xiao-Bin MK Life
Winter-On-Fire MK Rune
JockerGun MK Gunner
Scrapp-Pappap MK Shadow

Category B Top 1-5 of the race (Human)
1. Naruto-W KR Sorcerer
2. RockLee-W KR Defender
3. Hanzo-W KR Priest
4. Sasori-W KR Warrior
5. Theyrevil KR Sorcerer

Category B Top 6-15 of the race (Human)
6. Yoshiabelle KR Warrior
7. RobinnFEAR KR Archer
8. -ManBerok- KR Warrior
9. Kakashi-W KR Warrior
10. GreenGrass KR Enchanter
11. Tsunade-W KR Cleric
12. -LoliTa KR Warrior
13. WA-kor-mujin-- KR Warrior
14. Serena-Marchesa KR Sorcerer
15. Naruat-W KR Priest

Category B Top 16-30 of the race (Human)
16. LyMuRia KR Enchanter
17. WA-Pegasus KR Sorcerer
18. WiNd-ChaS3r KR Sorcerer
19. Miralui KR Cleric
20. Kiske KR Archer
21. WA-ShikaMaru-W KR Warrior
22. Unpexted-Orc KR Defender
23. 60-an KR Warrior
24. WA-Gucci88 KR Assassin
25. Akasha-Wo KR Warrior
26. -SkyLine KR Warrior
27. -3viL-RealPower KR Warrior
28. Ragnarok-Z KR Warrior
29. WA-SpYCoMeBaCk- KR Warrior
30. SorryAimU KR Archer

Category B (Human) The rest ("Ace" & level 96 only)
31. LoveLy-NKRI KR Sorcerer
32. FixYou KR Sorcerer

Category B Top 1-5 of the race (Akkan)
1. WA-HarimauBrapi MK Attacker
2. Xiao-Bin MK Life
3. Winter-On-Fire MK Rune
4. JockerGun MK Gunner
5. -B1G-DaDDY- MK Attacker

Category B Top 6-15 of the race (Akkan)
7. thorzLOOF MK Life
8. Ezio MK Rune
9. -WarZone- MK Attacker
10. -MBA-Hauliers- MK Gunner
11. YourGrandFather MK Gunner
12. Talib-Berbatov MK Attacker
13. ShOgOL MK Attacker
14. StoneD-InC MK Life
15. WA-Mikael MK Gunner

Category B Top 16-30 of the race (Akkan)
16. kenjiii MK Templar
17. Atomic-Bomb MK Gunner
18. WA-QueenTessa MK Life
19. -BBC-HunNGeR- MK Rune
20. Queen-Kaloi MK Life
21. Undead-Pluto MK Life
22. Ca-Danh MK Attacker
23. WA-XtremeHealer MK Life
24. Chivas-1CE MK Attacker
25. Tongkat-Ali MK Rune
26. GN-PsychoBoom MK Gunner
27. Luffi MK Attacker
28. Scrapp-Pappap MK Shadow
29. WA-Guinness-Ice- MK Rune
30. Dewa-Maut MK Gunner

Category B (Akkan) The rest ("Ace" & level 96 only)
31. WA-YeezY-350v2 MK Life
32. EndIessLov3 MK Life
33. ayu-azhari MK Rune

*To the winners, please review the items that you have received
*If there is any dispute on your rewards, kindly file a ticket in our support

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