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Season 10 : Update #1(Abundance in Farming Gems)

Season 10 update

Greetings Warfarians,

Our team has completed a research recently and we found out that only 15% of the community are using Giant tonics, another 15% are using Large tonics and the remaining 70% are using M tonics especially during PVP encounters. There’s a difference in PVP when M tonics and G tonics are used as G tonics give greater advantage compared to M tonics in gameplay. So, we are putting up an update that will give our community enough supply of Giant and Large gems for tonics by adding more farming grounds across Caernarvon. Everyone will have an equal and optimized opportunity to buff themselves with Large or Giant tonics in PVP mode.

To keep our community loaded with tonics, the following updates will be permanent.

New farming spots

New farming spots

Metamorphic spawns added in the following areas:
- Edinburgh Castle(High Metamorphic spawns)
- Vitory and Clauzhuz
- Roche Camp and Middle Camp

500% Boosted

Gem drop rate at 500%

- All Metamorphic and gem mineral drop rates are boosted by 500%
- Gem minerals will now drop fragment, medium and large gems.
- Metamorphics will drop large and giant gems.


Introducing: Giant Amethyst

- Metamorphic Amethyst will now drop Giant amethyst gem which can be converted into Arena tonic (G).


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