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Introducing Referral Points(RP) - Stream, Refer and Claim

Introducing Referral Points

We have a special update that will benefit our community by earning RP. This update will build the foundation of our population.

Here are the details on the update:

Stream for views

Stream for views

  1. Live Stream or Upload your Warfare Online gameplay in a Youtube. The guides on how to live stream or upload your gameplay can be found here: https://forum.warfareonline.net/c/video

  2. After live streaming or uploading your gameplay, you will need to start sharing the video to increase the number of views. The more views you gain, the more referral points you earn.

RP Earned per views gained:
100 views = 40,000 RP
1,000 views = 500,000 RP
10,000 views = 6,000,000 RP

How to claim RP from video streaming views [click me]

Refer A Friend

Refer A Friend

Do you want to earn more RP? well then include your referral links in your live stream or uploaded video. When a new player signs up through your referral link and starts earning fame, you will earn RP as well. How to refer a friend? [click me]

Claim your reward

Once you have accumulated the required number of RP, you may claim your reward! [click me]

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