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Season 10 : Event #1 (Merdeka!!! 200% EXP Boost in PVP)


Guess what?
It's a holiday!

So here's the deal, we all know that the PVP ranking is up for grabs and everyone is trying to get ahead over their competitors. Some are unable to do their leveling campaign due to being too occupied in PVP.

Let's enjoy the holiday with an EXP boost, shall we?
Hmm 100% EXP boost?
How about 150% EXP boost?
Why not make it 200% EXP boost right?

An EXP boost up to 200% per enemy player killed, how's that?
Everyone will be able to continue getting their fame up and earn EXP while slaughtering the enemy.

This boost will last for 48 hours

Enjoy the holiday folks!

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