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Cash Trading Proposal

As what we have discussed prior to the start of Season 10, we are going to work together in order to come up with an exchange for medal to cash trading. This is a proposal for our upcoming cash trading system, we would like to work together with our community to improve the cash trading system. Please give as much feedback as you want in our forums link: https://forum.warfareonline.net/t/cash-trading-proposal/958

Our goals are
- To be the world's first wealth creation MMORPG.
- To allow Warfarians to play and EARN real cash.
- To provide our community a secure exchange which will reduce scams from cash trading.
- To improve liquidation of medals to cash, this allows Warfarians with medals to easily convert it to cash.
- To allow traders to farm and earn. Items or currencies that can be obtained in game will no longer be sold in the donation list.

Definition of Terms:

WUSD = Warfare USD token (new in-game token).
Warfare Online Exchange = An exchange to convert your tokens into USD or your preferred currency.
Donor = A player that purchases Warfare tokens and sells them via medal stall in-game.
Trader = A player that has medals and purchases the Warfare tokens from the Donor’s medal stall.

A. How to use the Warfare Online Exchange

  • A donor may purchase the WUSD tokens from the Warfare online exchange.
  • A trader may sell the WUSD tokens to the Warfare Online exchange to USD or their preffered currency.

B. How to use WUSD token In-game

  • The donor may sell the WUSD tokens in-game via medal stall for medals.
  • A trader may purchase the WUSD through medal in the donor's medal stall.

C. Warfare Online Exchange rates

  • Sell x1 WUSD token = USD 1 // Buy x1 WUSD token = USD 0.90
  • As what the figure above shows - there is a 10% price difference once a trader sells the token to Warfare Online Exchange.
  • This 10% price difference will be used to develop future updates and to cater the server maintenance.

D. How to drive up the value of medals

  • Our community must play a part by bringing in new players all the time
  • An increase of Warfarians will drive the demands of medal
  • A higher medal demand will increase its USD value over time.

E. Security

  • 2FA system will be implemented where pin codes will be sent to the registered mobile device for any account update.
  • A lock account function will be implemented in the web account to prevent any unwanted transactions.
  • The owner can still play/access the accounts that are locked.
  • The web account name must match with the bank account name in order for the withdrawal to be process.
  • Web account and the bank account names must be sync to avoid scams.

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