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Fame farming Penalty

This is an urgent notice to the Warfare community.

We have been monitoring the game and checking on our progress with regards to our recent changes.
In our current events, we have caught a handful of players who are intentionally feeding/farming fame and medal through the use of multiple account dummy. It is really unfortunate that our RP program is also being exploited by these feeding frenzy to boost their referral points.

We have collected a good amount of videos and screenshots of these players who are cheating and manipulating in-game fame, medal and RP.
To be fair with our community, specially to those who are working hard, fair and square in obtaining fame, medal and RP; we are going to adhere to our values and integrity.

The players that we have caught will be sanctioned with the following penalties:

  • Defamed back to 0 fame
  • Dissolve medals back to 0 medals

This decision is final and we will not consider any re-arraignment on this matter.



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