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Season 10 : Update #8 (Arena Update)

Today, we will implement an update for the Arena battleground.

The goal of this update is to improve the utilization of the Arena's terrain and the medal distribution when all 3 towers are captured. As we go closer to the release of the Medal trading platform, we have to ensure that the medal distribution is being regulated.

Here are the 2 major changes in the Arena battleground.

A. Arena Tower Relocation

  • The Tower 1 and Tower 3 has been relocated closer to the base of each race.
  • The Tower 2 will remain in its present location.
  • This will help improve the strategic gameplay between attacking and defending the towers.
  • A change of scenery from the old boring back and forth fights on the bridge.

B. Arena Tower Medal Distribution

  • This revision is aimed to prevent AFK leeching and botting in Arena towers.
  • The race who captures all 3 towers will only gain bonus medals from the Arena towers if there are at least 15 humans and 15 akkans present in the Arena.
  • If there are less than 15 players from each race there will be no bonus medal from the Arena towers. Example: 14 humans and 15 akkans = no bonus medal from the Arena towers.

We want to regulate the acquisition of medals in game and its value as the main currency of Warfare Online in relation to the upcoming Medal trading platform.



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