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Season 10 : Guild War #2

EVENT: Guild War
DATE: 14th October 2018
VENUE: Almighty Land

Our 2nd Guild war for Season 10 is rolling out,
This war is unavoidable, only the fierce and mighty shall prevail!

The time has come to once again test our battle prowess.
To prove that you are worthy of being the strongest guild in Warfare.
A testament of your determination and will.
Call the cavalry!
Warfare is calling upon you!

The guild war mechanics:

  1. A guild master can bring a maximum of 50 Warfarians.
  2. The attending Warfarians will gain +60 Fame and +60 Medal per kill.
  3. Each kill contributes 1 point to the guild.
  4. The ranking is based on points and only the top 5 guilds will be rewarded.
  5. Rewards will be distributed to ONLINE participants ONLY.
  6. The guild war consists of 2 rounds and Each round has a duration of 45 minutes
  7. A 15 minutes prep time will be given after round 1 in which all participants will automatically teleport back to Caernarvon to prepare for round 2.
  8. Warfarians without a guild will be under the Anti-Guild faction.

A. Round 1

Location: Tribal Village
Start time: 8:00PM GMT+8
End time: 8:45PM GMT+8

B. Round 2

Location: Center Barrick Village
Start time: 9:00PM GMT+8
End time: 9:45PM GMT+8

Rewards – For participating guild members 1st place – 20,000 Medals
2nd place – 16,000 Medals
3rd place – 12,000 Medals
4th place – 8,000 Medals
5th place – 4,000 Medals

Anti Guild Faction

  1. Warfarians with no guild can still participate in guild war under the Anti-Guild faction.
  2. Anti guild faction may form alliances with anyone who doesnt have a guild.
  3. The Anti-Guild faction will no longer receive +25 attack & defense bonus.
  4. The players in the Anti-Guild faction are not entitled to win top 5 medal rewards.

Previous teleportation bug within Almighty land has been resolved.

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