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How to register a web account and game account

  1. Go to homepage

  2. Click on the REGISTER NOW menu


  3. Provide the necessary information in each field

    It is important that you provide the correct information in each field for security reasons.
    Make sure to use a valid email address in order for you to receive the verification email.

    Password minimum requirements:

    • at least 8 characters
    • uppercase letters (A)
    • lowercase letters (a)
    • numbers (1) or symbols (#)


  4. Once all the field are filled out - click on SIGN UP

  5. You will receive a verification email to the email that you have registered. Click on the verification link to complete the registration.


  6. In order to login in-game. You must create an account first in the account section page.

  7. Click on the Account Settings Menu on the top right side (avatar icon)


  8. In the Account Settings Section - click on Create New Game Accounts

    If you have an existing account already, you can merge it in this section as well.
    You can merge an existing account by clicking on the Merge Existing Game Accounts menu in the lower right side


  9. Here is the New Game Account creation field

    Note: Fill out the field and use this information in order to login to the game


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