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Judgement day

Attention Warfarians,

We have compiled the evidences of the fame farming incidents at

The Warfare Team's goal is to provide you with an enjoyable gaming experience. What we wanted is a fair game for everyone but unfortunately there are a few individuals who have committed a foul action just to get ahead of their rivals.
We’ve been continuously monitoring our game to prevent and stop the use of illegal programs as well as the violators of fame farming.

We took our time in putting this case together because we wanted to do our own research and development study towards the tactics used by the fame farmers to exploit our system. We did not expose our presence in order to gather enough data and use that data to develop our new Anti-fame farming system:


We have given enough time to reach out for a plea deal however they refuse to do so, we have settled the parameters for this case and even extended the processing as specified in this thread:


This is the list of players that have been caught fame farming and they will be penalized with 100% defame and 100% medals dissolved.


  • Winter-On-Fire
  • ANSONl
  • Identification
  • AKMA
  • manofs
  • lllllVVlllll


  • -Kurama-W
  • WA-ShikaMaru-W
  • Boruto-W
  • Mitsuki-W
  • RockLee-W
  • 7Fours

The Warfare Monitoring Team will continuously monitor in-game activity for any violation of our policy and take strong actions against them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through our support channel HERE if you see users doing something inappropriate in Warfare Online. We would like to thank all the Warfarians that have reported their findings to us and helped create a better gaming community.

Thank you.

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