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Season 10: Event #5 (Chinese New Year)


The long awaited CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 EVENT has arrived!! This high loot and high fame event will last for 7 days! Take this opportunity to stock up for rare CNY treats which will give you a big advantage during PVP and also, if your aiming to be the top Warfarians in the fame rankings, this is your time to shine!

Holiday Fame boost

200% Fame boost in Caernarvon, Arena and Battle Lohan
Be sure to get those fire crackers ready because we will be having an all out war across all regions of Warfare this holiday season.

CNY Sacks

Don't miss out on JUICY CNY SACKS! Special treats that can be revealed from it are rare potions such as Peach, Mandarin Orange, Jewelry Ang Pau, Golden Jewelry Ang Pau & Chinese Gold Ingot.
With only selected monsters having high drop rates, explore Caernarvon yourself for these fancy CNY treats and cease them!

Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and joy this Chinese New Year!


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