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Season 11: V1412_v1655(Beta) Patch released!

Greetings Warfarians!

The decade has passed and we have aged well. 11 years in and throughout this time we have made friends and foes. The nature of men is to compete but we have noticed and would like to respect our community who take this game as a challenge and understand that there are times we get to win and there at times we have to lose. We hope you have enjoyed the discounts and the tax free stalls in Season 10 as what lies ahead of us is a whole new adventure we have created. It is time to put the past behind us as we now welcome a timeless era, The New Season 11.

Our journey into Season 11 welcomes 3 NEW maps in Lohan! Get ready for a different feel in environment as you brace yourself for war. Valhalla, the desert map, a place imitating the ancient Ottoman Empire will give you an ambience of excitement from the deserted lands and sand dunes. As things get hot at the desert, we thought you did like the cold as well, so we welcome Corinthia,the winter map where the you’ll breathe in the snow and dwelve into the chilling war. And at last, we bring you Dreadfort, the dead island map, where nothing but dead souls and eerie feels haunt our fellow Warfarians who fight for their right.

Upon creating a new atmosphere in Lohan, we did not forget about the Arena and the Caernovan. We have remastered the Arena, the place where we see our Warfarians opt to go for battle every now and then. Besides that, we revamped the Caernovan to give a better experience for levelling, farming and an ideal place to just chill. In terms of power, we have made massive changes. The strength gap between fresh new players and older players has been reduced tremendously as a new player will now only require less then 2 hours to level up while farming in order to start in player versus player combat (PVP). This is by far the fastest levelling achievable compared to in Season 10 where a new player will require up to 1 month (720 hours) of farming before they can join the war. How is this possible you may ask. Well, new players can easily level up and purchase beginner items such as armors, weapons, jewelleries and M tonics including Arena tonics (M) and Strengthen tonics (S). In this season, we have also released up to 150 new items, including the long awaited Immortal armors!

Armor and Weapon farming is back! We have boosted our previous classic weapons, so they will have more demand in game. Classic items will also drop from monsters, or they can be gambled in the blackmarket. We have always tried to exercise balance in our game and it is a challenge. However, we have tweaked and improved the balance in certain classes base on our skill beta updates to give the game a much fairer play.

Here’s everything you need to know about this beta patch:

1. Relocated NPC Ezio(Quest lvl96) to AK/WK
2. Added NPC Guild Master at Clauzhuz/Vitory
3. Removed NPC Akasha from Sky Edin
4. Removed NPC Almighty land Teleport from Sky edin
5. Removed NPC Sentry for armor and weapon
6. Removed NPC Cresent Charm Engineer I and II
7. Added NPC for Jewel +5 Quest at AK/WK
8. Added NPC for Charm +1 Quest at AK/WK
9. Added Donation NPC in Mercatura
10. Added Armor/Weapon(classic items) blackmarket in Mercatura
11. Added Medal Token Exchange NPC in Mercatura
12. Removed NPC Queen's armor from Misery Island/Sainna Island
13. Added NEW Beginner Armor/Weapon/Jewelry NPC at Addon Keep/Wirtz Keep
14. Added Donation NPC in Addon Keep/Wirtz Keep
15. Added NPC Misery Island Teleport at Wirtz Keep
16. Added NPC Sainna Island Teleport at Addon Keep
17. Added NPC Middle Camp Teleport/Addon Keep Teleport/Vit Teleport at Aldia Teleport (Human Map 1 )
18 Added NPC Roche Camp Teleport/Wirtz Keep Teleport/Cz Teleport at Opeiny (Akkan Map 1)

1. Renamed Sentry to Firstblood
2. Boosted Firstblood items stats
3. Boosted Donation/Enthusiast items stats
4. Boosted Classic items stats on monster drops and blackmarket
5. Lowered Helm stat requirements for all classes
6. Rampage Items
- Reworked Rampage item’s stats requirements
- Reworked Rampage helm stats
- Boosted Rampage armour stats
- Reduced Rampage weapon’s stat requirements to 158,168, and 188
- 1 Hand & 2 Hand 190con Human blunt changed to 158 Con
- Shadowoff Sword 190 Str changed to 158 Str
- Combatant 190 Con blunt changed to 158 Con
7. Added 120 Con set for (GL/BGL/Annihialator)
8. Reworked 140 Con and 140 Dex (GL/BGL/Annihialator)
9. Boosted Queen’s item stats
10. Jewelries
- Reworked normal and donation jewelry stats
- Renamed all crescent moons to be understood easier
- Removed MP recovery from Charm of priest+2a(donation)
11. Added Beginner sets +7 (fixed stats)
12. Added Beginner Jewelry
13. Added a new donation currency called Warfare Token
14. Reduce price all lvl4 books in NPC
15. Reduced price of all M pot in NPC by 50%
16. Reduced price Chaos Stone in NPC by 50%
17. Reduced price of Distiled Water (G)
18. Reduced price of Chaos Stone
19. Metal Chest/Gem Chest/Giant Gem chest can now be opened by right click
20. Reduced medal price for Potions in Arena Tower
21. Added Fragment and Small Amethyst/Andesine conversion to (L) Tonics
22. Increased Fragment and Small gem conversion to (L) Tonics
- 200 fragments + 40 Distilled Tonic (L) = 40 tonic (L)
- 200 small gems + 100 Distilled Tonic (L) = 100 tonic (L)
23. Added Jewelry +5/+5a/+5b
24. Added normal charm (new cape textures)
- Cresent Charm of Bless+1
- Cresent Charm of Armor+1
- Cresent Charm of Priest+1
25. Added donation Charms (new cape textures)
- Cresent Charm of Bless(D)+1
- Cresent Charm of Armor(D)+1
- Cresent Charm of Priest(D)+1

1. Remastered Arena map
2. Remastered Caernavon map
3. Added 3 new lohan maps
4. Made Disenchant(Enchanter’s skill) cool down timer same as officator relief
5. Reduced Disenchant skill range to 12meters
6. Gunner does not consume bullets anymore
7. Archer does not consume arrows anymore
8. Improved cool down for resurrection skill
9. Adjusted Skill Charging bar and Skill Name display position
10. Added (M) Tonics to General Items Merchant

Please download and install our V1412 client and V1412_V1655 patch if you are having problems with the auto updater.

Download link: https://www.warfareonline.net/downloads/

The warfare management would like to thank everyone from helping us out track the bugs in game and providing some recommendations to improve our game play. If you would like to add a newly found bug in our current game version, feel free to check the threads here and post any additional data: https://forum.warfareonline.net/c/bugs

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