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Season 10 Category A Winners pending Claim info


Please PM us using your web account with the following details latest by
6th of September 2019 to attain your rewards:
PM link: https://forum.warfareonline.net/g/claims

  1. Web Email
  2. Game ID
  3. Character Name
  4. Full Name (for T-shirt delivery)
  5. IC/Passport Number (for T-shirt delivery)
  6. Shipping Address (for T-shirt delivery)
  7. Contact Number (for T-shirt delivery)
  8. T-Shirt Size (S/M/L/XL/XXL)

Here are the winners under Category A:

CID Name Race Lvl Fame Status

229593 Angell MK Life 97 11,926,773(Pending Claim info)
294840 WA-Nazenitsu MK Attacker 97 11,579,858(Pending Claim info)
4195 Dewa-Maut MK Gunner 97 10,514,882(Pending Claim info)
307144 -TiGeR-ReTuRn-MK Templar 97 8,390,133(Pending Claim info)
316650 l||-R-|-P-||l MK Shadow 97 8,122,148(Pending Claim info)
308824 3viL-Hunt3R KR Warrior 97 7,382,585(Pending Claim info)
219873 TeddyBB MK Rune 97 7,235,455(Pending Claim info)
317999 -Nayz-NKRI KR Archer 97 6,142,228(Pending Claim info)
313782 Naruat-W KR Priest 97 6,092,325(Pending Claim info)

Category A Immortal Armor rewards are scheduled to be awarded on 13th of September 2019.
T-Shirt delivery for Category A is expected to arrive by 31st of October 2019.

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