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Season 11: Update #5(Introducing Warfare Token(WT)

Greetings Warfarians!
We would like to introduce our new in game currency,
Warfare Token (WT).

What is Warfare Token (WT)?
Warfare Token (WT) is a currency to purchase Donation Items such as the
Godlike Set
Beyond Godlike Set
Annihilator Set
Mystery Jewelry Box
Donation Mask.

These items are sold for Warfare Tokens at several Dealer NPC’s located at:
• South Coast (Aldia Port)
• Leihan (Opeiny)
• Caernavon (Addon Keep & Wirtz Keep)
• Mercatura (Mercatura Port)

How to obtain Warfare Token (WT)?
Follow 3 simple steps to purchase Warfare Token (WT)
Step 1: Choose your desired package either Package A, B, C, D, E or F.

Step 2: Contact the Warfare management via Telegram @warfaredonate
and send us your details in the given format:-
a. In-Game ID: (spell your In-Game ID exactly)
b. In-Game Name: (spell the In-Game Name of your Character exactly)
c. WT Package:
d. Total Amount (RM / USD):

Step 3: Once the management has inserted the Warfare Token (WT)
into your vault, enter the game and go to the designated
locations allocated to obtain the items from the Dealer NPC’s.

For more information, please visit our full donation section at

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