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Season 11: Update #9(AK/WK Safezone & Boosted EXP/Droprate)

Interesting update for all Warfarians to hear from!

Since both races are always persistent in eliminating
their enemy’s presence in the Caernarvon,
we have constructed a Safezone similar to that in the Arena.
Both races, will have their Safezone allocated at
the Addon Keep & Wirtz Keep respectively.
This will allow each race to play along
conquering and defending themselves without
getting attacked compulsively.

The Caernarvon map now allows Warfarians to
go beyond the usual way of leveling into a more
challenging adventure to level up from LVL 70 to LVL 95,
taking only 15 minutes.

There is a boosted drop for more valuable
items from all monsters, Bosses and Mini
Bosses as several pointless drops are removed as well.

Bug fix
Note: The following items can now stun upon slight attack.
Athene maul(Beginner)
Officiator maul(Beginner)
Coasting brass maul(Beginner)

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