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Season 11: V1412_v1702(Beta) Patch [UPDATE]

Heyh, heyh, heyhhhhh Warfarians!

Let’s start off with our Arena. The battles here have taken a toll to the structures as the entrance from both the Akkans and Humans have been demolished. The new Arena is an open space from your spawning area giving no hiding spots but an open battlefield for a REAL WAR experience!

In the depths of the Caernarvon slums, breathe Robbers, Rustlers and Bandits who steal precious gems, consume them and project the colors of these gems on their skins. It is said, those who kill these monsters attain the rare gems themselves. In the midst of the swamp, get on a search for Tears of Sparda found in the Treasure Box safely guarded from these notorious thiefs.

Besides these, we have more to give our Warfarians to make your gaming experience even better. Check the list below!


  • Revamped arena entrance to prevent higher ground advantage

  • Reviving the Almighty land which will be used as an event map on Sundays.


  • Added new monsters which Robbers, Rustlers , Bandits and Treasure box. These monsters will drop ores and gems.
  • Added new event monsters in the Almighty land. These monsters will drop new rare armors.
  • Improved monster drop-rate for normal weapons and armors in Map 2 and Map 3(This is done to revive item farming through monsters)


  • New defense helm (donation)

  • Change acolyte armors WIS to DEX bonus

  • New 138CON Beginner/Firstblood weapon

  • Added +1 Damage/EA to the following Rampage weapons to fix 64K EA visual bug:
    • Brass button(Rampage)
    • Holy gavel(Rampage)
    • St. Contra-cross Hex hammer(Rampage)
    • Wither(Rampage)
  • Added +1 Damage/EA to the following common weapons
    • Brass button
    • Baal axe
    • Holy gavel
    • Oldowan gavel
    • Contra-cross Hex hammer
    • St. Ray hammer
    • Wither
    • Azrael
  • Medal tokens can be traded now. Following that, you can easily tell their value apart as it is showcased clearly. This is done to make trading more secure. The amount are grouped at (1K, 10K, 100K, 1M)


  • Added map 1 teleport at Roche Camp and Middle Camp
  • Added chaos stone to all general item merchants in Caernarvon
  • Added more beginner NPC in Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3 main camps


  • Increased optimization on game engine
  • Protect intensified skill now shows how much MR is increased upon cast
  • Magic Intensified skill description updated
  • Resurrect skill description updated

Skill updates

  • Reduced Disenchant skill range to 12m
  • Added Disenchant skill to Assassins
  • Increased Lifeoff Confusion skill AOE to 8m
  • Reduced Resurrect skill cool down to 15 Seconds
  • Added AOE to lvl 3/4 Weapon enforce skill
  • Reduced 70% MP cost for Safeguard
  • Increased AOE of Safeguard to 10m


  • Revamped certain quest to reward better items.
  • Removed ROR quest


  • Warlord fame requirements reduced to 4.5M

Please download and install our V1412 client and V1412_V1702
patch if you are having problems with the auto updater.

Download link: https://www.warfareonline.net/downloads/

The warfare management would like to thank everyone
from helping us out track the bugs in game and providing
some recommendations to improve our game play.
Please report newly found bugs in our forums:

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