The war is already upon you... will you risk it or not? Defend Your Honour. Fight For Survival

Season 11: Guild War #1(BETA)

The Almighty land has been quiet with the sound of the
winds blowing through and no Warfarian has set foot in
there for a very long time. The prize it offers is not just medals,
It offers pride, it offers strength.
The land of serenity is awaiting for a guild war like no other
The guilds have been formed
They will sharpen their blades
And use their sorcery like never before
Because the guild that wins is victorious amongst all.
The guild that wins is respected amongst all.
The guild that wins, is an inspiration to all.

But who will it be?
Geng Telur
Legend Kor

Will the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS be able to hold their title?
Or will the UNDERDOGS rise?

Details of the event:

Event : Guild War #1(Beta)
Date : 15th December 2019
Time : 8PM - 9PM GMT+8
Venue : Almighty Land

The Guild War mechanics are as follow :-
--Only Warfarians with a guild may participate
--The fame gain is boosted by 300%
--A guild master can bring a maximum of 50 Warfarians
--The guild war duration is 1 hour
--The guild members of the top 5 guild with
the highest kills will be rewarded at the end of the match

Reward list

1st place - 10,000 Medals per guild member
2nd place - 8,000 Medals per guild member
3rd place - 6,000 Medals per guild member
4th place - 4,000 Medals per guild member
5th place - 2,000 Medals per guild member

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