The war is already upon you... will you risk it or not? Defend Your Honour. Fight For Survival

Season 11: Guild War #2(BETA)

On the previous Guild War #1..
The BestFriend’s guild were unstoppable with their
mob showering destructive 463 kills....
With just a single kill more,
the Immortal's guild were crowned victorious with 464 kills....

The previous guild war was conquered by the guilds with the masses...
But now...it is going to be different...
Guild war #2 will only consist of 10 armored, war raged Warfarians!
Skill will determine triumph! And for the guilds who fight well, the dominion shall be theirs!

Are you ready to defend your guilds??
Will your guild be skilled?
Will your guild be ruthless?
Will your guild be invincible?
Will your guild be crowned champions?

Take this chance,
To form your guild,
To gather the bravest,
To gather the toughest,
To gather the support,
And to gather the skilled.
Its either once again, or never at all!!

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