The war is already upon you... will you risk it or not? Defend Your Honour. Fight For Survival

Season 11: Guild Treasure Hunt #1(BETA)

How does it feel to fight for the glory of your guild?
How will it feel to fight for something precious at the same time?
Others will fight and try to take it from you.
All you got to do is be prepared for the war that’s coming.
Because it ‘s not just a war, it’s a hunt.
A hunt for the Lustre which was forged by gods during ancient times.

The treasure hunt comes together with the guild war event so,
gather your team and plan ahead on which path you wish to take.
Fight for the glory of your guild or go hunting for the rare Lustre armor.
The choice is in your hands...

On this Guild hostile land,you will need
teamwork, determination and skills to overcome guild war enemies.
Explore the map, find the monsters and kill them
to obtain the items required to forge the Lustre armor.
But keep in mind, the armors are limited so as your time!
Only the worthy shall receive the reward.

May the best GUILD win and may the bravest WARFARIAN wear the LUSTRE.

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