The war is already upon you... will you risk it or not? Defend Your Honour. Fight For Survival

Season 12 : Event #5(100% Fameboost in Battle Lohan)

Explore unique regions with different themes at the Battle Lohan.
Each creating its own tactical motives and game play.
Ignite the thrill exploring different game modes with
these regions meanwhile battling your enemies.

Alcatraz, the abandoned dungeon
Kattegat, the river bridge connecting your enemies
Abaddon, the depiction of hell
Valhalla, the Ottoman empire desert battleground
Corinthia, the Viking’s land of cold winter
Dreadfort, the dead man island
Agios, the gladiator ring in the center of the sea

Be fearless and gain the 100% Fame Boost at the Battle Lohan
or be afraid of death and stay back at the safezones in the Arena.
The call is yours.

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