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Season 12 : Event #7(500% Boost on Classic Weapon Stat Rate)

It has been ages since Classic Weapons had good demand....
It was too challenging to get decent stats on Classic Weapons
through the Weapon Blackmarket or even by Farming monsters....

However, something has changed during this lockdown times...
The weapon manufacturers have started to produce many top stat weapons..
These top stat weapons have been distributed
to the inventory of all the Weapon Blackmarket NPC's
and Monsters in Caernarvon..Their motive is to kickstart the economy..

It is said that the chances to obtain a top Stat Classic Weapon has increased up to 500%

Many Warfarians have taken this opportunity to
hunt down Monsters around Caernarvon to seize the Top stats Classic Weapons!

While some are busy collecting Gold to try and please the Weapon Blackmarket NPC,
others are farming for metals as they are willing to enhance their Top Classic Weapons to +9!

Event Period 25th March 2020 to 8th April 2020

Please take precautions during this COVID-19 lockdown period.
Better be safe than sorry.

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