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How to add a Security PIN for your web account

Greetings Warfare Community!

The management has added a new security feature in our website accounts to combat those cases of accounts being hijacked/stolen.

In the account settings menu once you login to your web account, you will see a menu for you to add a security PIN.

This particular PIN must be kept confidential and must not be shared to anyone. Every changes that you make in your web account that is related to changing of in game account - password, password retrieval/reset and dragon vault password recovery. The 6 digit security pin cannot be recovered automatically, so please do not forget your security pin. This is a new safety feature in our website.

  1. Please login to your web account.

  2. Proceed to the account setting page and click on Add a security pin


  3. Please fill in a new unique 6-digit number pin. We strongly advise you to take note of your security pin, it cannot be automatically recovered.


1 Comment

sir im forgotten my pin, hopefully i can retrieve my pin back,,, thanks