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Season 13 : Update #1(Battle Lohan Improved) [BETA]

The Destruction has indeed begun with the release of Season 13 last night!
The first day of Season 13 marked an explosive amount of Warfarians Online concurrently.

Battle Lohan Improved Battle Lohan Improved

To cater for this new population, the Battle Lohan
is opened throughout the week with an improved
Fame distribution accommodating 40 vs 40 Warfarians at any given time.

With this being implemented,
Warfarians have more options in deciding their game now.

Whether to war at the Battle Lohan
Or conquer the towers in the Arena
Hunt at Caernarvon
Or trade at Mercatura
In Season 13 we will be seeing Warfarians
scattered all over maps with their own agendas.

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