The war is already upon you... will you risk it or not? Defend Your Honour. Fight For Survival

Season 13: Event#1 (Hari Raya Event)

As the crescent moon is sighted, a beautiful festivity is welcomed,
sweet nostalgia sweeps through your soul through these times of the world,
celebrate, laugh and sing, in tranquility and safety,
sending out wishes of Eid al-Fitr,
marking the end of the month long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Lurking in the Caernarvon, where the living usually hunt,
cunningly laughing with their victory of stealing
Ketupat pouches are the Robbers and Bandits.

The Ketupat pouches are hidden beneath their skin
that gives them a certain power as it contains Ketupats and Kurmas.
Only during this festival these consumables are abundantly found.

Defeat these unworthy creatures and obtain the
Ketupat pouches as they will be of great help at war.

The dusk is about to come and something unfamiliar breathes in Edinburgh.
There’s a strange smell of rusted chemical element,
distinct from the Kartefants & the Mekhadians who have countless
times walked here. An elemental darkness has ascended from a mystical power
and goes by the name, “Dreadnought”.

The atmosphere surrounding it is so overpowering as
if nothing could penetrate its metallic body.
Hidden beneath all those vessel-ed structure is a rare lustrous
scent of a metal from a place no habitual creature of
flesh and blood can reach.

The metal is known as Viridian.
Molded from heat of the arcanic soils,
the valuable Viridian metals could only be obtained
if an entire race battled to defeat the Dreadnought.

The green curvatures on the Viridian are so beautiful
that even at a glance, it was finders keepers.
With all its beauty, it can give very special needs.
Stronger than the Tears of Sparda.

The Viridian is a metal with interesting equipment enhancement abilities.
Read the scrolls below for it tells the mystical power of this rare metal:
• Viridians are certain to enhance equipment to +6 granting a 100% success rate
• Viridians will not turn equipment to Iron during the upgrading process from +7 to +8

The Dreadnought will not back down and only a large
and strong army will be able to bring it down.
It will rise 8PM GMT+8 in Edinburgh with the immense elemental
darkness being powered to it. However, this tale has another side.
The Viridian is no easy find even after defeating the
Dreadnought as it is engraved with its metallic body.

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