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New PVP Mechanics and Guild Ladder System

New PVP Mechanics and Guild Ladder System

Greetings Warfarians!

 1. This is our planned mechanics for our PVP system in order to utilize every available battleground in Warfare Online. We have implemented a scheduling system that is designated to a specific battleground.

Arena, Battle Lohan and Almighty Land will be online for 6 hours daily, however only 1 map will be accessible at a given time.

Arena (Statue Wars)
4AM/PM to 7AM/PM (GMT+8)

Battle Lohan (Race Wars)
7AM/PM to 10AM/PM (GMT+8)

Almighty Land (Guild Wars)
10AM/PM to 1AM/PM (GMT+8)

 2. Guild fame ranking system has been updated!
The overall fame of a Guild will now depend on the total amount of fame from all members of the guild instead of the old system based on average fame rate. All guild members are required to access the Guild menu by pressing/clicking on (G) for the guild fame rank real time update.

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