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Dodge skill update for Shadow Off/Assassin(Beta)

Dodge skill update for Shadow Off/Assassin(Beta)

A full video will be uploaded by this week to explain the update.

As what we have announced, we were looking to revamp the Shadow Off/Assassin class to make it more viable in all aspects of the game.
We have conducted the necessary test and survey for the class and we have come up with an update for the Dodge (Stealth) skill.

The Shadow Off/Assassin class - Dodge (Stealth) skill will now make the user immune from (Net) when this skill is active. This means that a Shadow Off/Assassin that is in stealth mode cannot be affected by (Net) only. Other skills such as halt and reveal will still affect the dodge skill.

For the Shadow Off/Assassin fanboys and fangirls! this is the time of glory! the day of freedom from the random net casting happy.png

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