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Communication moved to Telegram and Discord

Attention Warfarians!

We are moving our communication to Telegram and Discord for a more reliable, fast, easy to use application when it comes to real time communication between players and our management. This will make the circulation of announcements and updates much better overall.

Please click on these invitation links to join our telegram and discord community.

Warfare Online Telegram community: https://t.me/warfareonline
Warfare Online Discord community: https://discord.gg/tJa2X2V

We are also having a major upgrade in our online website: https://www.warfareonline.net/

We are currently upgrading our website. We are integrating a new support system and trading marketplace directly in our website. This system will strengthen our security from scammers. Until further notice our support page will undergo reconstruction in order to provide the best support possible for all of your Warfare Online concerns.

Regards, Warfare Management

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