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Referral Event

Dear players,

Introduce new players to Warfare and stand a chance to win a huge amount of TOS. We are pleased announce a new referral system starting from 13th November 2016 in Warfare.

  1. Get new players to register a web account in Warfare by using your referral link. Once the new player registers using your referral link. That player is now your referral

  2. Your referral must have a NEW CHARACTER CREATED after 13 November 2016. Old characters registered before 13 November 2016 will not accumulate your grand total fame.

  3. Get your referral to gain as much fame as he/she can. The fame accumulated by all your referral will be your grand total fame. The higher your grand total fame, the higher the chances of you to win.

    This event is launched to boost up our population with fresh new players, at the same time reward people who introduce new players to Warfare.

The rewards for our TOP referrers:-

No 1 TOP Referrer

  • x1000 Tears of Sparda

No 2 TOP Referrer

  • x900 Tears of Sparda

No 3 TOP Referrer

  • x800 Tears of Sparda

No 4 TOP Referrer

  • x700 Tears of Sparda

No 5 TOP Referrer

  • x600 Tears of Sparda

No 6 TOP Referrer

  • x500 Tears of Sparda

No 7 TOP Referrer

  • x400 Tears of Sparda

No 8 TOP Referrer

  • x300 Tears of Sparda

No 9 TOP Referrer

  • x200 Tears of Sparda

No 10 TOP Referrer

  • x100 Tears of Sparda

How to refer a new user?

  1. Go to home page and login to your website account.

  2. Go to referral page and you will have your own unique referral link.

  3. Copy and send the referral link to the new user that you would want to refer, make sure that the user signs up using your referral link.

  4. Your referral details will be displayed once they have successfully registered using your referral link. You can track their total fame score from time to time.

  5. Note, only new characters which are created after 13 November 2016 will have affect in your accumulated grand total fame. If your referral has an old character created before 13 November 2016, you will not gain any grand total fame from older characters.

What is in the Referral Dashboard?

The Green bar users are your referrals, registered by your link and permanently be under you.

The Red bar is a Grand Total Fame that taken from all your referral's game characters.

For example:

You have recruited web account Tester 003 and Kingsley

Tester 003 has 3 in-game characters (T1, T2, T3).
T1 has 354,687 fame
T2 has 250,000 fame
T3 has 50,000 fame
Thus, the user Tester 003 has 654,687 fame in total.

Kingsley has 3 in-game characters (K1, K2, K3).
K1 has 6,374 fame
K2 has 30,000 fame
K3 has 30,000 fame
Thus, the user Kingsley has 66,374 fame in total.

654,687 + 66,374, you will now have 721,061 as your Grand Total Fame.


Terms and conditions

  1. The direct referral's character must be created after 13th of November 2016. If the character is created before the stipulated date, it will not be accumulated in your grand total fame score.

  2. If you are caught cheating and using multiple clients in a same IP, you will be disqualified from this event without prior notice.

  3. This event will be ended on 31st December 2016 and to be resumed every 2 months.

  4. Admins of the server reserved the rights to make changes as and when required.


Join the event now, find newbie and be their referrer :)
helo gm..
i newbie..
how can get item new bie
helo gm
how can get newbie set
this event not end yet ?
This event will be ended on 31st December 2016 and to be resumed every 2 months.