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Official schedules for War and Bossing

War ScheduleBossing Schedule


The official schedules war and bossing revamp is finally here!!!
The schedule will be activated on 13th March 2018.
We have heard the voice of the players and our fanbase so we have decided to revamp the Race and Guild war as well as the Leveling schedules.
Prepare yourselves for a larger scale of PVP and Leveling encounters between the Human and Akkan race.

Warfare Online War Schedule

Map : Arena
Type: Race Wars
Day : Everyday
Time: 12AM to 8PM (GMT+8)

Map : Battle Lohan
Type: Race Wars
Day : Monday to Friday
Time: 8PM to 12AM (GMT+8)

Map : Almighty Land
Type: Guild Wars
Day : Saturday to Sunday
Time: 8PM to 12AM (GMT+8)

Please take note that the bosses in the schedule are the bosses from Almighty Land.
The bosses are now moved to Sainna and Misery island

Warfare Online Bossing Schedule

Map: Caernarvon
Boss Spawn: Every 2 hours after killed
Droprate: Very High(Boosted 30%)
Exp: High

Map: Sainna Island
Boss Spawn: 2AM, 8AM, 2PM (GMT+8)
Droprate: High
Exp: Very High
Boss spawn coordinates:
Colossal Defender (1396,2131)
Colossal Enchanter (1943,2019)
Colossal Priest (1166,1836)
Colossal Archer (732,897)
Colossal Warrior (1500,776)
Allastica God (1340,1246)
Magma Golem Demon (1563,1091)
Forest Keeper God (1713,1357)
Maeonia Manion King (2366,1056)
EquusThonian King (2254,1944)

Map: Misery Island
Boss Spawn: 3AM, 9AM, 3PM (GMT+8)
Droprate: High
Exp: Very High
Boss spawn coordinates:
Colossal Templar (746,2098)
Colossal Life off (1211,2402)
Colossal Attacker (1829,2652)
Colossal Shadow Off (1009,1451)
Colossal Gunner (1114,823)
Zelus Queen (1825,1180)
Sephirox Queen (1826,1759)
Tauroi Khalkeoi King (2121,1884)
Naga Royal King (2373,1529)
Transformer King (2514,2296)

Who will be the dominant race? that is for you to decide WARFARE ONLINE!

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