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Arena Manhunt Minigame

Arena ManhuntHunt enemy race targetDefend your race target

Let there be a hunt!
A hunt to replenish your thirst for medal,
Join the Arena race war and wait for the ding dong notification.

  1. Mechanics of the Arena Manhunt Minigame:
    a. The Arena Manhunt Minigame will be activated automatically if there are at least 20 players in the Arena
    b. 2 random players in the Arena will be selected as the target(1 from Human and 1 from Akkan).
    c. The name of the selected players and their coordinates in arena will be posted via ding dong alert.
    Note: the selected players will receive a buff from the God of War +100def +100atk
    d. The selected Human target will be hunted by the Akkan race
    e. The selected Akkan target will be hunted by the Human race
    f. The FIRST race who is able to kill their target will receive a 200 medal reward. Note: You must be near the target in order to get the bonus medal.
    g. The race who was not able to kill their target receives nothing but air for slacking.
    h. Once the target is eliminated, the session ends and another pair will be selected as the new target after 1 minute.
    i. If the targets were not eliminated within 3 minutes, both races get's nothing for pulling a slack job.
    Note: If the targets are still alive after 3 minutes - a new pair will be selected as the new target.

  2. How to win?
    a. Search for the enemy's race target and kill the target first to get the medal reward
    b. Defend your race target, do not allow the enemy race to kill your race target

  3. Map schedule update.
    a. The Arena will receive a temporary 10% fame boost until 8th April 2018
    b. The Arena will be online for 24 hours.
    c. The Almighty Land and Battle Lohan is close while the 1 week manhunt season is in progress.

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