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Referral Event

Introducing RP(Referral Points) a new currency in our website!
Let's start recruiting New Warfarians!
Get rewarded with RP's!

The Referral Event is now officially open smile.png
For every successful recruitment, you will gain Referral Points(RP) that will net you with some cool prizes!
RP is your referral point and it is the indicator of your score in the referral event.

This event is launched to boost up our population with fresh new players and at the same time reward the people who are doing a great job in recruiting newbies.


A. Only new web accounts and character which are created after the 21st of April 2018 will be counted.
B. The new recruit must gain fame so that the recruiter gains Referral Points(RP).
C. The more fame your recruit makes, the higher your Referral Points(RP) will become. Note: Accounts that are created before April 21st would not be counted and no Referral Points(RP) can be earned.
D. Claiming the reward will be done through our forum, create a support ticket in the forum and send your claim request to the Admins.

Referral Points(RP) Table of Reward:

  • Get 2 Million RP and claim 1 GL Set
  • Get 6 Million RP and claim 1 BGL Set
  • Get 10 Million RP as a Guild Master and claim 1 Annihilator Set

How to recruit new referrals?

  1. Go to home page and login to your website account.

  2. Go to referral page and you will have your own unique referral link.

  3. Copy and send the referral link to your new recruit and make sure that the user signs up using your referral link.Your referral details will be displayed once they have successfully registered using your referral link. You can track their total fame score from time to time.

What is in the Referral Dashboard?


The Green bar users are your referrals, registered by your link and permanently be under you.

The Red bar is the RP that are taken from all your referral's game characters.

For example:

You have recruited web account Alice and John

Alice has 3 in-game characters (A1, A2, A3).
A1 has 354,687 fame
A2 has 250,000 fame
A3 has 50,000 fame
Thus, the user Alice has 654,687 fame in total.

John has 3 in-game characters (J1, J2, J3).
J1 has 6,374 fame
J2 has 30,000 fame
J3 has 30,000 fame
Thus, the user John has 66,374 fame in total.

654,687 + 66,374, you will now have 721,061 as your total RP.


Our system will automatically detect and disqualify users who attempt to manipulate the referral event.
A. If you attempt to refer existing players you will automatically be disqualified.
B. If the new player that you have invited conducts illegal activities such as hacking and etc, both the player and the recruiter will be disqualified.

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